• Step 1
  • Step 2
    • Pick a Slider.

      Decide what image you want to
      slide across your ticker.

  • Step 3
    • Customize Your Ticker.

      Choose the text to put on your ticker
      and select the size you want.

  • Step 4
    • Use It!

      Display your ticker on CafeMom,
      MySpace, Facebook, or anywhere!

Step 3: Customize Your Ticker

Enter your own dates and text for your ticker, and even add your own photo if you'd like.

Your ticker so far: Change Background | Change Slider

First, get the look just right...

Large Small
White Clear
Text above ticker: Optional
Text below ticker: x months, x weeks, and x days old! Required
Font: Color:

Then let us know a few more things...

We need your time zone to update your ticker at the right time.
We need your e-mail address so we can send you a link that will let you come back to make changes to your ticker without having to re-create it from scratch.
If you create a bunch of tickers, giving them unique names will help you keep track.

Now, create your ticker...